Sonia G.

By Administrator | February 15, 2023

Today I experienced a session in a Tachyon Chamber. As I stepped into the room, there were these amazing crystal spheres in stands etched with sacred geometry surrounding the chair. With the chair reclined, I looked at a hanging structure which is the Crystal Generator. I was informed that the crystal sphere in the center is where the tachyon is downloaded and the rest of the chamber is meant to amplify the tachyon.

Keeping my thoughts positive and directed towards that which I’m manifesting, I put headphones on, an eye mask filled with tachyon and held a Tachyon Power Rod in each hand. Music began to play and I was transported into an energetic realm of magnificence.

I watched in my mind’s eye as my ego walked out of my line of sight and witnessed a spirit reach for the light. These were completely unexpected surprises, they had nothing to do with “my thoughts”. Typically, when in a meditative state, my thoughts take control. This time there was a certainty in the passing through of each one. Nothing stayed on the reel. I witnessed more than I ever have.

I felt a sense of ease and unbelievable comfort, warmth and light. I saw (in my mind) multi-dimensional layers of light and felt a sense of grace. I am so grateful to have upleveled my vibration and HIGHLY RECOMMEND the experience. It is SO worth the beautiful journey to Harlyene’s space.