Harlyene G.

By Administrator | February 15, 2023

When starting to evaluate bringing in the Tachyon Chamber, I had 3 sessions in 2 different locations. As usual, I slept through the entire time, waking just before the end.

After the first session, I really needed some grounding before the 3 hour drive home. The only difference I noticed was I felt more centered. After the second session, I didn’t really notice anything at the time. However, I did get a flat tire over 2 hours from home and found out my car dealer had lied to me. When I looked back at how I handled the whole situation, I was amazed. Normally, I would have been furious, sarcastic and outright nasty. Instead, I was calm, centered and very rational.

My third session just felt good. I didn’t notice anything until someone asked how my knee was. I flexed my left knee and the pain I had been living with for many years was gone. And it is still gone, over a year later.

With these results, and the results from friends who I asked to check Tachyon out, my decision was made for me. Now that I have the Tachyon Chamber, I use it fairly regularly and it never ceases to amaze me as each time is different.