Carolyn L.

By Administrator | February 15, 2023

It has been my pleasure to experience the Tachyon Chamber at Harlyene Goss’s Dancing Hearts location. I have had three sessions in the chamber and each one was a different experience. I can settle into the music and a calm state of being within five minutes. I feel totally safe and open so I think about how my body is feeling and release all tensions. From there I focus on the music’s rhythm and tones, and then I either dose off to sleep or have visions. It is very much a dream state of consciousness for me, and when the session is over, I feel as though I have just woken from a nap. Harlyene is very helpful in understanding my experiences and making me aware of healing that is taking place. Each session helps to keep my body in tune with my inner work and soul development. It seems to balance my emotional state and help calm any anxiety. I feel stronger in mind, body and soul each time.