Benefits of Tachyon

Tachyon has different effects on different people. It is very individualized.

  • Tachyon harmonizes and balances the EMF energy fields, rendering them harmless.
  • More physical and mental energy and stamina
  • Decreased overall physical and emotional pain
  • Increased feelings of peace, ease, gratitude
  • A connectedness to Source, family, and friends
  • Increased self-confidence and mental acuity
  • Increased balance and grounded-ness
  • Increased sense of direction and creativity
  • Heightened psychic awareness
  • Deeper meditations and spiritual experiences
  • Better healing ability of all modalities

Possible Side Effects

For the majority of people, there are no side effects whatsoever other than feeling a wonderful sense of well-being. Since Tachyon harmonizes and balances the atoms, it needs to release the imbalances in the cells. For this reason, some people go through a mild detoxification within the body and/or emotions if they are very sensitive. In these cases, we suggest shorter sessions and drinking more fluids to flush the system.

These side effects pass quickly as long as sufficient water and rest is obtained. Tachyon works completely on an individual basis to bring about the best and highest good for that persons makeup. Remember… it is your imbalances the Tachyon is readjusting into a positive, harmonic field.