Balance and Harmonize your Body’s Energies with Tachyon

Promotes Better Health, Anti-Aging or Less Physical Discomfort by Healing and Upgrading Your Body’s Template.

Tachyon is a field of consciousness made up of subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachyon’s job is to balance and harmonize imbalanced energies by working directly with your DNA to repair and upgrade your body’s template as well as neutralize harmful EMFs. Tachyon also amplifies your desires and intentions to manifest the life you want. This energy field is totally non-specific and encompasses all energies and frequencies in itself in all dimensions of your being. Thus, it has a profound effect on your human body and its energy fields. The Tachyon field culminates almost effortlessly into higher light and knowledge.

Here is a client experiencing the tachyon chamber in Wakefield, NH. The rotating colors work specifically with the chakras in the body. If you look closely, you can see the horizontal lines of energy moving up the screen. These lines of conscious energy form the etheric room of concentrated tachyons. These tachyons have all the frequencies to heal the body.

Client’s Insights & Experiences

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